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​​​​​​​Ocenjivanje Grupnih Radionica

Grupne radionice svake godine nam pružaju priliku da bolje upoznamo kandidate i izaberemo najbolje ljude. Kako bi u toj misiji bili uspesni razvili smo set kriterijuma koji koristimo jako uspešno dugi niz godina. Kriterijumi su objašnjeni ispod, uz napomenu da ne postoji mogućnost da se daju polovične ocene (npr. 2.5)

(Workshops give us a unique opportunity to understand candidates better and choose the best and the brightest. To accomplish this hard task we have devised a set of criteria that we have been using for many years. You can find the criteria below, but please note that it is not allowed to grade candidates in 0.5 increments (e.g. 2.5 ).

Discussion quality

0 - does not provide arguments or arguments do not make sense at all

1 - provides coherent limited arguments, but does not display high levels of critical thinking

2 - arguments are well defined, clear and easy to follow and support the main thesis well

Discussion participation

0 - does not participate

1 - somewhat participates

2 - actively contributes to the discussions and carries the conversations by responding to others

Respect for difference of opinion

0 - rude, hostile or disrespectful towards opinions that differ from their own

1 - acknowledge but do not accept and/or dismiss others opinions as invalid

2 - acknowledge and accept others opinions while probing to understand fully what others feel

UWC Factor

0 - I do not see this person fitting well with the community 

1 - I somewhat feel that this person could fit into the community but should be questioned more

2 - Absolutely fits into the community, I would have been a UWC roomate with this person